Gentoox Home v4.0
Date: Wednesday, June 15 2005 @ 05:00:00 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

So here it is, the one everyone's been waiting for... I proudly present Gentoox Home v4.0.

Notable changes:
* Gentoox Loader v5.11.
* Updated software as of 04-Jun-2005.
* Fully synced with magic as of 12-Jun-2005.
* Sparkle v1.5.
* Removed LED tutorials - its now part of the Loader.
* KDE 3.4.1.
* XFCE 4.2.0.
* Switched to 2005.0/2.4 profile.
* Stardust is more friendly to v1.6 Xboxes with overscan.

Go grab it from here. Remember, give feedback!

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