Gentoox Loader v5.11
Date: Sunday, June 12 2005 @ 03:48:30 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Another Loader release! Once I start, I can't stop... but anyway... This release focuses mainly on cosmetic changes. Since I made the effort to make all of my other software packages v1.6 compliant, I decided to do it to this too... thats right - Gentoox Loader should now display correctly on v1.6 Xboxes! The changelog provides a good summary of changes:

* Cosmetic changes:
* v1.6 support (everything is closer to the centre of the screen)
* The "Gentoox Loader" banner always shows on root screens but is hidden on menu screens. (Previously once a menu was shown, the banner was lost forever).
* Various colour tweaks.
* Changed "MB" to "MiB" on the RAM text.
* Renamed "Stardust" references to "CD/DVD".
- Removed "Net Flash" caption.
* Xbox temperature information error now displayed for v1.6 instead of a blank screen.
* Fixed the LED sequences at some stages.

As usual, grab the release from here and give me feedback! Running magic will upgrade your "E:gentooxx.xbe" but not your modchip/ TSOP!

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