Friendtech MCE v1.0-RC0
Date: Monday, August 16 2004 @ 03:50:00 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Ok here it is, the first release candidate for Friendtech Media Center v1.0. The difference is mainly changes based on user feedback. I've had no correspondance with Friendtech for about a week, and what feedback I've had has been limited at best. CyKiller has gone AWOL, and since hes the project coordinator I really dont know what I'm supposed to be doing. So rather than just sit on my hands and wait for them to come back, I'm releasing this to get public feedback. The following is the changelog:

14 August 2004 - 1.0-RC0
+ Completely rewrote BIOS flashing portion of the installation - it now detects the bank
size and resizes the BIOS accordingly. Bank size detection is important for people
who are flashing their TSOP - flashing the wrong size would cause the Xbox to FRAG.
If flashing fails or the modchip is not detected, it continues regardless so that the
user can flash the BIOS manually.
+ Added option to switch DVD player software.
+ Replaced mPlayer with Xine for DVD playback as default selection, this gives DVD menu
+ Made mPlayer and Xine take up to 40 arguments from the setup screen.
+ mPlayer and Xine launch with -20 niceness for full priority, this will minimize any
+ Gentoox installation is now optional.
+ Added free-space check when installing Gentoox. (You need 4.5GB free on E)
+ Disabled drive tray locking in kernel source.
+ Upgraded media center to kernel 2.4.27.
+ Added Xecuter 3 flash support.
+ Changed distribution build script.
+ Added more Xpad support.
+ Minor changes to BIOS to take into account that Gentoox may not be installed.
+ Minor splash image changes.
+ Minor installation changes.
+ Minor documentation changes.

You can download the new version from here.

FriendTech told me that they’re testing the MCE internally, and would announce it officially by end of August with the New FriendTech DreamX-MCE line --- the “Media Center Edition” (MCE) will be pre-installed in the factory.

The base DreamX-MCE model will be priced at US$299, with a 40GB HDD and enhanced audio/video upgrades; the flagship DreamX-1480 MCE will supports the HD WMV movies, that’s 6 times display quality than today’s DVD movies. More details will be unveiled at our site

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