fanctl update
Date: Sunday, April 25 2004 @ 14:14:35 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

With the introduction of the DreamX into the market, this update makes sense (since it runs so damned hot). You can now set the cpuShutdown and boardShutdown temperatures in fanctl between. Run magic to update, see fanctl --help for details!

Oops, I borked the fanctl.rc and fanctl.conf files. They're fixed now, the conf file now contains suggested defaults for the DreamX. fanctl is no longer automatically started after the patch is installed, just in case your Xbox is over the default shutdown limits, it's up to you to look inside /etc/conf.d/fanctl before rebooting or starting the daemon.

Other fixes include better syslog output (i.e. tells you when BOTH sensors have overheated). Also, when an overheat is encountered, the fan will start going slow (20%), fast (100%) for 3 cycles then power off. This is somewhat of an audible warning so you know why your Xbox suddenly shut down.

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