*romwell with Sparkle Integration released
Date: Saturday, April 24 2004 @ 12:11:13 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Ok, so here it is. A new version of Cromwell and Xromwell with direct boot to Sparkle. You no longer need to burn Sparkle to a CD, you simply place two files (sparkle and sprkrd.gz) into E: along with an updated linuxboot.cfg (or you can let xbvset update it for you, this is why I've been bugging you to run magic!). There is a third icon now which is labelled "Sparkle", click this and your filesystems will be checked and fixed (hopefully, at least).

If this doesn't get you excited, then this should... Oliver has looked over the USB code in *romwell and discovered what made USB work intermittently. After a few reboots, its now evident (at least to me) that USB works perfectly! No longer will you have to keep rebooting because your keyboard, mouse or Xpad refuse to work!

*romwell has also had somewhat of a facelift, the backdrop is the same, but the visual feedback is much improved (in my opinion). It no longer throws useless information in your face, but it now tells you exactly what its doing, when its doing it, and if it was successful or not. Anyway, enough talk. Go download it! It's in the "Sparkle" section in downloads. Please follow the instructions carefully as you could potentially make your system non-bootable if you mess up the linuxboot.cfg! Enjoy!

ed2k link for those who want it. Thanks byte for creating it!

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