Focus support
Date: Monday, January 26 2004 @ 23:13:15 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Welp, I just finished installing Gentoox Home 3.0 and running magic. Focus support works perfectly without any changes, so I dont have a clue where all these issues are comming from. All I can suggest is reinstalling and running magic. Really - I havent touched a thing or done any special hacking to get it working EXCEPT im using the new Cromwell that I've put in the misc download section as this supports both HDTV and Focus... but thats it.

People are also complaining about their screens going black, this is probably because you are setting your HOC and VOC settings too high, really you shouldnt need to go any higher than 10 for either. Going too high will either kill the video signal, or look awful.

With regards to Focus, what remains to be done is overscan correction, with which progress has been made... and higher resolutions. Once the driver supports these, I can improve XBVSET to support them. For now, all we have is hellishly overscanned 640x480 - which is better than nothing ;) Also, the Focus settings seem to give much more vivid colours.

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