Major magic changes
Date: Sunday, January 04 2004 @ 20:58:59 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

I'm doing some major changes to magic - please DONT USE MAGIC until I say its safe!


I suppose I should really say what I'm doing, shouldn't I ;). Basically... over the past few months the Pro and Home editions have gradually drifted further and further apart, and I'm sure compatibility has been broken in one way or another with the magic system. In an effort to fix this all, I've had to rewrite several patches and add even add new patches. The following commands have been removed from magic:


The kde and xfce commands have been replaced by the "tokde" and "toxfce" commands. on/no-keyboard has been replaced by a new patch called "keyboardtoggle" - all you need to do is run "keyboardtoggle" as root and it will toggle whether the onscreen keyboard is loaded on boot or not (note that the keyboard is ALWAYS shown in GDM).

XFCE has now been 'properly' added to magic (in that it is a selectable patch). This means that Pro users should be able to run magic and end up with _ROUGHLY_ a home edition system (of course, some stuff is still missing... such as OpenOffice). Also, KDE doesnt need to be installed for XFCE to work!

Im currently testing the new magic system out on Home 3.0, if its stable enough, then I'll move onto testing it with Pro 1.1. In the past, I would have tested it will all of the old versions, but I think its pretty safe to assume it will work.

*Update 2*

The first run-through with Home edition seems to have worked perfectly. If anyone else wants to run magic now to try it out - feel free ... and let me know how it turns out. -- Oops, found a tiny bug in keyboardtoggle, run "magic fix keyboardtoggle && magic && keyboardtoggle"

A special note to Home v3.0 users - when it asks you if you want XFCE, say "yes". I know its already installed, but the script doesnt think so ;) Youll only be asked once. Besides, this takes very little time and upgrades you to v4.0.1.

*Update 3*

After another run with Home edition, magic seems perfectly stable. I have had to fix a couple of things though, so if you had run magic recently, I suggest running "magic fix displaytools && magic" - this should sort out any bugs. Now I have to move onto testing it with Pro (which could take about a week!).

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