Date: Wednesday, December 31 2003 @ 06:16:55 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Ok, its finished (I hope!). I've been working on GDM which I've just added to magic. This is a login manager for Xfree. It adds greater security to your Gentoox system as it will no longer log straight into Xfree - instead a login screen will first be displayed. Other than this, nothing else should have changed, you still have your "tokde" and "toxfce" commands that should work. There is also a system icon in GDM that lets you reboot/halt. GDM takes about 1 hour to install, but its worth it - it looks slick, professional and helps with security! Remember, the default login is Mbr>
User: gentoox
Pass: xbox

The FSTAB fix allows normal users to access the F drive (or E drive if you have done an F drive installation). The reason that normal users cannot access the installation partition is so that Gentoox cannot be accidentally or maliciously deleted.

The new magic checks for updated xbvset have now been implemented. So once you've installed GDM, it should force you to run xbvset. Let me know if it doesn't!

If you want any of this, run "magic" now! Please, give feedback via the forums. Enjoy!

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