Updated fanctl
Date: Thursday, December 18 2003 @ 04:27:38 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Thanks to help from dmp, fanctl has now been daemonised and logs to syslog! Run magic now then read fanctl --help for details.

I've completely rewritten fanctl with some more suggestions from dmp. Run "magic fix monitors2 && magic" to install the new version. Remember, read "fanctl --help".

*Update 2*
More new features. This programme is now auto-calibrating. If the speed the fan is running at does not seem to cool the CPU/ board enough, it will step up the speed gradually up to a maximum 40% boost. The "-b" option lets you specify when this boost level should be reset. You might want to reset this every 6 hours e.g. if you are doing some heavy compiling, this boost value will get maxed out, but after the compiling is done the boost level will be inappropriate, so it should be reset. The boostlocks can be reset at any time with SIGUSR1.

Syslogging is now much more verbose (must set VERBOSITY=2 in /etc/conf.d/fanctl to see these).

Get this updated version as shown above.

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