Date: Sunday, December 14 2003 @ 04:55:18 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

People think that I have actually started this "flame war" (as it is being referred to as). Far from it, I was happy just pestering Ed about it every now and then to see if his views on the matter had changed. Then someone alerted me that Ed was claiming I refused to hand out the source to my bootloader (and thus that I am in violation of the GPL licensing terms). That I refuse to stand for. Malloc/ Zeus of MaxConsole has been doing a good job of providing totally biassed and tilted news reports on this issue - I believe this is the reason so many people think I started this whole thing. News posts are meant to be impartial, otherwise its known as "brainwashing".

To reiterate, I have not started this whole predicament, I'm merely trying to clear my name and carry on with developing Gentoox as best as I can - even if it means without using the Mechinstaller.

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