Date: Saturday, December 13 2003 @ 00:57:21 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

It has just been brought to my attention that Ed (gimli) has been saying that I've refused to show him my Cromwell source. This is not exactly true, he asked for my source so he could build and sign the XBEs for me. I refused this proposal because he completely missed the point. I demand that I be able to sign my own XBEs, he is welcome to the source, and always has been (as is anyone else who wants the source), but it wasnt worth me persuing the issue any further if he wasn't going to allow me to sign the code.

In short, this means that I will still not support the Mech Installer. However, a hacked version has been released that uses the Habibi key. People should be able to use this with Gentoox if they sign the gentooxx.xbe file with the habibi key.

If certain members of the Xbox-Linux team want to act like children... thats fine, I'll continue to work the way I have in the past- seperate from the team. They refuse to trust me, even though I've been working along side them for 8 or so months. The only person at the moment who can even see my side of the argument is Michael Steil, and I respect him for that. He is trying to reach a settlement favorable for everyone, and has been for a long while now, but each proposal has been rejected. Xbox-Linux definitely does not function as a team, all the developers seem to fight against each other, throw insults at each other and theres just no trust. Does this sound like the ideal working environment? Hardly.

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