New kernel in magic...
Date: Sunday, November 30 2003 @ 04:20:43 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Here it is as promised... Just before I go to sleep. Run "magic" to update to kernel 2.4.23. This includes FatX fixes (lets non-root users access F and other partitions). This fatx fix will need a little tweaking until I get new versions released. What you need to do is edit your /etc/fstab file, and delete all the /dev/hda51 and /dev/hda55 lines, and replace them with these (this wont work for drive E as it is mounted in the initrd file. C and E should never really have full write permissions for security reasons!):

/dev/hda51 /mnt/fatx/c fatx defaults,noauto,umask=022 0 0
/dev/hda55 /mnt/fatx/f fatx defaults,umask=0000 0 0

This may be considered as a security risk to some people, so adjust as you see fit (google search umask howto). This will allow ANY user to read/write and execute from F:, but it will only allow root to write to C and E.

The new forcedeth driver works great. Try this out and post feedback on the forums or email me. Thanks!

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