Date: Saturday, November 29 2003 @ 20:57:05 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

Just as I was doing the final tests for Pro 1.1, I discovered that Kernel 2.4.23 had been released and Xbox-Linux was now baselined on this kernel. Because of this, the release has been delayed so I can upgrade to 2.4.23. I should also add that kernel 2.4.23 will be available in patch form via magic once I've tested it!

* Fixed ALSA so it works with Kernel 2.4.23
* Totally removed the nvnet module and replaced with forcedeth. The good news about this is that people wont experience the "mysterious" network failure after updating their system. Also, this new network module is 100% legal.
* Fixed excessive verbosity from forcedeth driver (Saw this error at the last second!)
* Focus support removed. Totally screws up the frame buffer making it run at half speed and breaking Xfree. It will be added when it's stable

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