A bug.. I found a bug!
Date: Monday, November 03 2003 @ 00:28:13 UTC
Topic: Gentoox

See, what did I tell you!

This bug only affects the installer and its because I did a stupid thing and deleted the installer files by accident then restored them from an old backup without updating them.

Basically, it affects native installs ONLY. If you do not have at least a 3.5GB F: partition then DO NOT attempt to install Gentoox natively, the installer will let you do it, but it wont fit and it will error out right at the last second wasting your time for nothing. Unfortunately, since its an installer bug, magic cant fix it... so I'm uploading Home v3.0b as I'm typing this. Expect it some time tomorrow.

Sorry about this, its not a major bug, but it annoys me nevertheless... so I have to fix it!

So far overall feedback is good, no one else has discovered any bugs yet!

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