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 New feature: Handy version tracker

GentooxYou may notice, on the left of the site, that there is a new block titled "Latest Versions". This should keep everyone up to date on the latest releases of various Gentoox related software.

Posted by ShALLaX on Sunday, February 05 2006 @ 17:36:53 UTC (2417 reads)
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 New feature: Resctoox v2.4

GentooxSome may consider this a major new feature. After some great testing by Carlewy I have managed to add native G support to the native conversion script found in Resctoox. The native conversion script allows a loopback E: installation to be moved natively to F: and now to G:. For this to work on a G: partition you must (obviously) have a G partition, and the F/G partition MUST exist at the 137GB boundary. I do not recommend using the 'g' option on a drive smaller than 160GB. The theory has been tested but the final script has NOT so its released largely on a "suck-it-and-see" basis. Any comments are most welcome!

You can grab it from here. The netboot packlet has also been updated (though this update will need some time to propagate through the SourceForge mirrors - dont be shocked if you still see it booting Resctoox v2.3 for a while yet).


Posted by ShALLaX on Tuesday, January 24 2006 @ 23:50:00 UTC (3739 reads)
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 New feature: Stop deleting my linuxboot.cfg!

GentooxPeople have been complaining about magic deleting the "linuxboot.cfg" file when updating a kernel. This can now be fixed by adding "dontdeleteme" to any of the "append" lines in your linuxboot.cfg file. This is a global parameter, it only needs to be added to ONE append line, e.g.:

title Gentoox
kernel vmlinuz
initrd initrd.gz
append dontdeleteme init=/linuxrc root=/dev/ram0 kbd-reset video=xbox:640x480,nohwcursor,hoc=13,voc=13
title Sparkle
kernel vmlinuz
initrd sprkrd.gz
append load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=26215 rw root=/dev/ram kbd-reset

This will stop the file from being deleted. Do not run xbvset after editing your linuxboot.cfg file until you are fully updated with magic!

Posted by ShALLaX on Tuesday, December 06 2005 @ 20:31:19 UTC (3209 reads)
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 New feature: XboxIR auto-repeat patch

GentooxTheres a new kernel patch which enables auto-repeat of keypresses on the Xbox remote. Run magic to update!

Posted by ShALLaX on Saturday, October 15 2005 @ 16:11:22 UTC (2640 reads)
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 New feature: ALSA v1.0.9b

GentooxALSA has been upgraded to v1.0.9b in magic... go upgrade!

Posted by ShALLaX on Saturday, July 30 2005 @ 16:37:28 UTC (2469 reads)
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 New feature: ALSA 1.0.8

GentooxALSA 1.0.8 has been added to magic with (supposedly) full SPDIF (optical out) support. I dont have an SPDIF amplifier so I cant test it... so anyone who can - please do. If it works, I'll integrate into MCE shortly. (If thats not an incentive to give feedback, then what is?).

Posted by ShALLaX on Wednesday, March 02 2005 @ 22:02:23 UTC (2500 reads)
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 New feature: Raincoat update

GentooxRaincoat has been updated to support all the flash types that Gentoox Loader does. Run magic to update.

Posted by ShALLaX on Wednesday, February 09 2005 @ 01:41:59 UTC (2684 reads)
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 New feature: Kernel

GentooxA quick FatX fix, the bug (the available fix pointed out by duckweed on the forums) occurred when renaming a file/ directory on a FatX drive from lowercase to uppercase (or vice versa)... you would lose the data. Run magic to update.

Posted by ShALLaX on Sunday, February 06 2005 @ 20:26:05 UTC (4690 reads)
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 New feature: Gentoox Loader v5.3

GentooxCD flashing? Why not!

dmp and I spent a couple of hours debugging the iso9660 driver in Cromwell and fixed it to allow flashing from CD! Many thanks to him!

Now for the boring stuff... Your BIOS must be on CD (duh) named "image.bin" - it can be of any size but must be divisible by 256 (e.g. 256K, 512K, 768K, 1024K...).

This has been tested with a 256K BIOS and a 1024K BIOS on an X2Pro. See the manual and previous post for disclaimers. To summarise: I will not be held accountable for bad flashes or misuse of this programme.

Grab it from here.

Run magic to update gentooxx.xbe on your E: drive.

Posted by ShALLaX on Saturday, January 29 2005 @ 23:07:57 UTC (3012 reads)
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 New feature: Xorg ready to roll!

GentooxWell, I said I'd try and go for a Wednesday release and for people in America - I went one better with a Tuesday release (sorry for everyone else... but Wednesday it is!).

I've tested the magic installation on both Pro and Home editions and got only very minor bugs (mainly typos -- which have been fixed). Everything seems to work great - VNC still works... all resolutions still work. The only thing is, there is _still_ the bug of quitting Xfree then reloading it (colours go all weird and then the screen totally turns to garbage requiring a reboot).

Of course, since we now have Xorg... we can do things like drop-shadows... however, since we dont have accelerated graphics this is almost useless (takes up 90% of CPU constantly)... but for anyone wondering what it looks like:

So, without further stalling... run magic NOW to upgrade to Xorg!

Please report any bugs and any successes to me!

A few people have contacted me saying they don't notice any difference. This to me is either the biggest compliment someone could have given... or the biggest worry (depending on whether it worked or not!). So, if you want to know if it has worked - run "startx" from within a console (whilst X is already running). If you see the following, it has worked:

Xbox root # startx

Fatal server error:
Server is already active for display 0
If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start again.

Please consult the The X.Org Foundation support at http://wiki.X.Org for help.

Note that it says "X.Org" rather than "XFree".

Posted by ShALLaX on Wednesday, January 26 2005 @ 02:00:55 UTC (5913 reads)
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Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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