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 New release: New Releases!

GentooxWell, it's been about 21 months, but here they are... the "You're still doing this?!" releases. I don't really know if there's any demand for Gentoox anymore, but I figured I'd put these out there just in case people do still use it.

Home edition has been upgraded to v7.0, Pro to v5.0, Resctoox to v6.0 and Sparkle to v4.0. You can grab the downloads from the Downloads section.

The Readme for Home v7.0 can be found here: Home v7.0
The Readme for Pro v5.0 can be found here: Pro v5.0
The Readme for Resctoox v6.0 can be found here: Resctoox v6.0
The Readme for Sparkle v4.0 can be found here: Sparkle v4.0

The major features are:
  • Fully synchronised software (both with magic and portage as of a few days ago).
  • Ditched RAR file format in favour of tbz2 (file sizes are slightly bigger, but it's free!).
  • Nifty installer progress bar.
  • Updated Busybox in all initrds.
  • Ditched KDE, only XFCE is available now (KDE was way too bloated).
  • Upgraded to latest 2.4 series kernel.
  • Switched Home edition to use -Os due to CPU's tiny cache (Pro still uses -O2 as this will give better number-crunching performance)
  • Removed deprecated packages and replaced with modern equivalents (XF4VNC => X11VNC, GAIM => Pidgin).
  • Loads of other tweaks...

But what about MCE v2.0? Well, rather than delay all other releases, I decided to put everything else out while I rework MCE. The new version of MCE will take quite a while to finish (I haven't even started yet), but the main feature will be bringing it inline with the other distributions whereby installation can take place natively or in a loopback FS.

So for now, enjoy these releases. They may take a while to spread to mirrors, so if your download doesn't work initially, please try again later!


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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