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 News: Xbox 360 bricked

GentooxI have spent the past day installing an InFeCtuS into my Xbox 360. I finally got it all installed and dumped my 360's NAND contents successfully. I then went to erase my NAND, everything seemed to go fine until the end when it said "Erase failed" -- Uhoh! I tried turning on the 360, sure enough black screen then 3 red LEDs. After searching around Google for a minute, I found a way of recovering a bad flash using the InFeCtuS' 3.3v line from USB. I recovered the flash and booted and all was well. Perhaps this is where I should have stopped. I undid the bad-flash wiring and I tried erasing and reprogramming again, this time the erase didn't complain and the programming went ahead fine. I tried booting and got a blank screen. "Not to worry," I thought, "I've seen this before and know how to fix it!". I resoldered the bad-flash wiring and tried flashing, the 360 wouldn't even power on now! 3 more flash attempts later and I'm getting nowhere. I tried flashing then downloading the NAND contents and diff'ing it with my original download. The downloads differed, which lead me to believe that the programmer is now malfunctioning because it is changing the flash as it uploads. I carefully took the motherboard back out, all the wires were still correctly attached. I carried on removing the motherboard and about 4 wires got caught and pulled off from the motherboard and took the VIAs with them. This means that I can no longer solder the InFeCtuS onto the motherboard! Until someone posts some alternative solder points, my 360 is very much bricked and hopes of getting a Gentoox360 are incredibly low.

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I found some alternative soldering points, but they're on the TSOP legs themselves, which makes them impossible to solder to. I guess I'll be buying myself a new Xbox 360 next month!


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