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 News: Status updates.

GentooxHere's the current status of the upcoming releases(links go to the README file for the associated release):

Sparkle v1.5 - Done - Released.
Resctoox v1.7 - Done - Released.
Stardust vX.XX- Done - Released.
Pro v2.0 - Done - Released.
Home v4.0 - Done - Released.

Click "Read More" for more information.

Since updating the software in Home is taking quite a while I decided to make some minor alterations to Stardust. It now has a 5 space left margin on all text - this means that people with v1.6 Xboxes (which don't have an overscan fix) will display the text in the middle of the screen thus eliminating the "blind install" syndrome ;). The same applies for the Home 'firstboot' script, Sparkle and Resctoox.

I've also switched both versions to use the 2005.0/2.4 profile (this change will be done to your installation if you run magic now).

*Update 2*
Running into problems - the old kernel (with a new .config) seems to be running hellishly slow. Every time there is a bit of activity it grinds the system to a halt with a huge load average. I've got to look into this before I can even think about releasing.

*Update 3*
Okay - the kernel is now fixed. I think there's some sort of issue with having a kernel too large (the new .config made a 1.7MiB kernel), I've gone back to the original .config now. This does mean that people using kernel 2.6 will break their system if they run magic. However - you should be able to fix this by copying the initrd back from DISTRO.RAR to E:.

*Update 4*
Hooray for more problems. Seems that GLIBC 2.3.4 has been made stable meaning that loads of dynamically compiled stuff needs to be recompiled. Don't expect any releases soon since I now need to recompile EVERYTHING in both distros. The good news is that Stardust, Sparkle and Resctoox should be ready to roll. Pro may well be ready by sometime mid next week. Home on the other hand may take upwards of 2 weeks to be completed due to the immense amount of compiling required. For this reason I'll probably release everything but Home before I start working on Home. Thanks for understanding.

*Update 5*
Disregard update 3, I have a new kernel patch that should be fully compatible with all versions of Gentoox - the reason: FatX is now compiled into the kernel (and not as a module anymore!). This will make maintenance SO much easier for me now that the 3 main drivers are compiled into the kernel: FatX, Forcedeth, Xpad.

*Update 6*
Yet more good news! Sparkle, Stardust, Resctoox and Pro have all been tested, assembled and completed. They're being uploaded now. The following is a list of changes/ fixes:

* Rewrote the initrd to make mountpoints less ambiguous.
* Changed Resctoox to cope with initrd changes (obsoletes previous versions of Resctoox - do not try to use this Resctoox with older versions of Gentoox and vice versa.).
* Changed Stardust to cope with initrd changes (obsoletes previous versions of Stardust).
* Sparkle, Stardust and Resctoox are now v1.6 friendly with respect to overscan.
* A static Kernel 2.4.22 (i.e. no modules) is used in Resctoox and Stardust, this makes creating these packages easier but adds a slight hit to loopback performance (unknown reason). Since you won't be running these packages for long it shouldn't be an issue.
* Pro and Home use Kernel 2.4.22 with modules (similar to Pro 1.5 and Home 3.2) but uses a slightly tweaked .config file which means FatX is now built into the kernel meaning there is less chance of the dreaded "VFS: Unable to mount root fs" error occurring.
* Sparkle shares Gentoox's kernel thus eliminating the need for the "sparkle" file.
* Removed the LED tutorial from the installer by popular demand (it can be accessed from Gentoox Loader now under the "Advanced" menu)
* Sparkle now correctly checks the exit code of reiserfsck to report how many filesystems were either fixed or didn't need to be fixed (reported as 'fixed' anyway). Now if the number of found filesystems doesn't match the number of fixed filesystems something went wrong and the filesystem is beyond repair.

Because of the changes to the initrd I recommend that people upgrade as soon as possible to avoid unforeseen errors.

See the README files for package specific changes.


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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