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 News: I'm now Xbox v1.6less... err.. no I'm not

GentooxMy blue Xenium decided to die (fragged.. wouldnt init at all, solid red LED). Since the rescue system doesnt work on a v1.6, I had to do some slicing and dicing (i.e. put it in another Xbox, rescue, reflash, then transplant back into the v1.6).. and now.. it doesnt boot! The LED cycles White->Red and the front panel LED flashes green. Ive resoldered 4 times now, so I'm starting to think theres perma-damage somewhere... yet the default MS BIOS still boots. I've burned myself too many times soldering today and actually soldered my thumb to the LPC pinheader, so I'm calling it quits for now.

*Shakes head*. Im sorry to say this, but XOS2 is buggy as hell. All the time I spent soldering and resoldering was all wasted. I just turned on my 1.6, hit eject.. then the xbox turned off, did it again, then the LED went red. Then turned on a final time, and it works....


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