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 News: Something good coming Saturday!

GentooxI felt that I owed you all something, what with the lack of significant updates. So tomorrow there will be quite a useful update. It's nothing huge. You might want to run magic now to update displaytools in preparation! Those of you who are more on the ball might even be able to figure out half of what the update will be by snooping around xbvset ;p No more clues. Anyway, I've got to fully reinstall Gentoox and get up to date with magic to test this out fully. So I'll leave that going whilst I sleep. This update has taken about 7 solid hours of coding/ testing so far :o

Oooh, I just checked the site statistics, looks like I missed a milestone for the website:

We received 1124131 page views since August 2003

Over 1 million hits (non-unique). Thank you visitors!

Ok, I've tested it and made some minor alterations. You should run magic AGAIN now to update displaytools again. I'm uploading the update now, it's only about 11mb, so it shouldn't take too long!


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