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 News: Tesco, sympathetic personnel department.

GentooxNot really Gentoox related, but as you know, I was Ill recently which obviously meant taking some time off work (one day, to be precise). Today, I got called up to the personnel office to be given an official warning for an unacceptable level of absence. I have taken 4 days off in the past year (3 days in sucession in October due to Flu [i.e. a whole working week off work] and 1 day recently as I've said above). Apparently, this has taken me up to an absence level 6.06%. I'm allowed a maximum of 3% per year. So doing this logically, 2 days absence = 3.03%, meaning that I'm therefore allowed 1 day of absence due to sickness per year. As any one with a modicum of intelligence knows, anyone can catch a cold at any time and be taken out by it for any period of time. This shows how much thought was put into their absence scheme: my manager told me, (and I quote) "Try not to be sick so often". I couldn't help but laugh.

I work 3 nights a week, every week, so there has either been a miscalculation of my absence level... or Tesco is a totally unfair employer. You'd think that my three years (this June/July) of perfect service would have earned me some respect within the company, but evidently not.

I'm obviously going to seek some legal advice against bullying at work by my employer... but it's just more annoyances, I have enough on my plate as it is with exams coming up. So this is going to push development back even further. I wouldn't keep your hopes up for a new Gentoox release until the summer vacations (after May).

Thanks for understanding.


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