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 News: I lied.

GentooxYou know when I said HDTV support wouldnt be here until at leas the weekend, maybe next? Well. I just spent the last 7 or so hours coding a new XBVSET script! The script needs some heavy testing which I cant do yet because my Xbox doesnt have the updated kernel with HDTV support enabled.

After I've tested it, I'll release it. To my knowledge, this script also has Focus support -- but I have absolutely no idea if it works (since I cant test it), and if so, how well it works. Therefore it should be considered as unsupported.

This new script is infinitely better than the last, it uses routines instead of loads of repeated blocks of code (like in the previous version). It controls the linuxboot.cfg file, your .xinitrc file (for onscreen keyboard settings), the GDM Init file (again, for on screen keyboard), the XF86Config file (for overall XFree resolution) and the xbvinit file (for fine tweaking of the resolution). All files are patched dynamically, unlike before where several XF86Config files were needed to move into place when needed. The xbvinit file is only used for standard "TV" settings. Only 640x480 PAL/NTSC is available for Focus due to driver limitations.

I'll keep you updated on my progress with this!


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