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 News: Magic safe to use again!

GentooxI've tested it myself in Home 3.0 and in Pro 1.1 (granted, in Pro 1.1 I didn't let KDE and mPlayer install fully) and it all seems to work fine. Even if there are bugs, it's DEFINITELY stable enough for general use (small bugs can be ironed out from user feedback - but I don't think there are actually any bugs left).

If you had already run magic during its period of instability, what I suggest you do is run "magic fix displaytools1 && magic fix gdm1 && magic fix keyboardtoggle1 && magic" -- if this doesnt cure your problems, then you're going to have to reinstall Gentoox.

For all people who didnt run magic yet, you should simply be able to run "magic" and have it function correctly. Enjoy!


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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