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 News: Enough is enough...

GentooxI think I'm done with actual feature changes and enhancements to magic. It works just the way I want it to now. So from now on, any changes will be bugfixes. The following should reflect how major the changes were:

Lines | Words | Characters | filename
2427 | 10029 | 67786 | ./patches.old
1672 | 6723 | 49045 | ./patches

Basically, over 750 lines have been cut from the code - this equates to almost 20KB. That means 4 seconds less download time per magic session (which all adds up) and it means the code will get parsed quicker.

Summary of Changes

· Magic is all together far more robust.

· Due to the use of routines, the patches file is much smaller and simpler thus making it quicker to execute and download, and importantly for me, easier to edit.

· LED feedback has been added to magic and a lockfile is put in place to stop loadmonitor from interrupting the LED sequence (fanctl is still active).

· Lockfile to stop multiple instances of magic (can be overridden if needed).

· Text colour codes have been aliased to make the code easier to understand.

· The database means that /etc/conf.d wont get cluttered anymore and potential filename conflicts wont exist.

· The automatic database backups mean you can recover incase something horrible happens.

· Error trapping and handling means that if something goes wrong magic WILL stop and not just skip to the next patch (which may well be dependent on the previous patch which just failed!).

· Failed magic attempts will backup the database with a "failed" tag, and successful attempts with a "success" tag.

· Ctrl-C will kill magic instantly and clean up and backup the database with an "aborted" tag.

· Download rate limit is nolonger hardcoded into each patch - this means if my connection is ever upgraded, the cap can be easily updated.

· Patches updated to work with the new database.

· Probably lots more that I can't think of right now. (Haven't slept in over 24 hours.)

Note that this DOESN'T mean magic is stable yet, it needs heavy testing - if anyone feels like doing this testing with me, then go ahead and run magic and tell me of any problems you encounter.


· Fixed keyboardtoggle1 patch - it was not getting added to the magic database correctly.

· The "want_kde" question had the wrong dependencies specified so after xvkbdpatch1 was installed it would no longer ask you if you wanted KDE - even if it wasn't installed.

· Fixed displaytools1 not downloading toxfce or tokde where appropriate.

· Fixed tokde and toxfce scripts not checking to see whether kde or xfce were already enabled.

· Fixed the kernelxx.resume files so that after alsa2 and neweth01 were installed it actually logged them into the database.

· Fixed the order of patches - displaytools1 is installed after the new kernel.


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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