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 News: More magic error handling updates!

GentooxI've been making yet more modifications to the way magic handles errors and I think I'm just about done. Instead of having to send error signals to the "*.b0x" file, then the "patches" file, then the root "magic" script, now all I need to do is send let the .b0x file know when there's an error, it will then automatically pass this information right back down to the magic script which will tell you what went wrong in which patch and it will give you some information on why it may have gone wrong and how to fix.

Handling errors like this should be foolproof and makes the patch files smaller since I have been able to cut out much code.

The final thing that was annoying me about error handling in magic has just been fixed! People were able to hit Ctrl-C to quit magic but this would leave lots of ugly temporary files lying around (one which could even stop loadmonitor from working). Now the Ctrl-C signal is trapped by bash and the necessary cleanup tasks are performed before magic finally dies.


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