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 News: Magic fixed for Home?

GentooxPossibly. I think it was a bug I made in xbvset due to some error in my boolean logic (meh, gimme a break its 4am). IF anyone is feeling brave, run magic now :o. If you're one of the few suckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hpoor (aaah lighten up, its a joke :) !) people that happened to run magic whilst it explicitely said not to on the website and are now crying for your lost Gentoox installation, do not despair! Run "magic fix displaytools && magic", this should fix your problem!

I can confirm that magic works again in Home edition, but I am still leaving the warning banner up because I may still have to edit files to get it all working in Pro (which may mean I break it again).


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