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 News: More new stuff!

GentooxMagic now has FAR better error checking than before - if something goes wrong, it almost certainly will get trapped and magic will fully stop (previously only the current patch which produced the error would be skipped).

Another "exciting" new feature is that magic now has LED support. Though its in its early stages, magic has the following LED patterns:

gggg - All good
roro - Important information
rxrx - Error
ogrr - Downloading
rgog - Busy
oxox - User input required
(All of this information can be found by running "magic usage")

Remember, MAGIC IS STILL NOT READY FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION! Even though I keep saying this, people still come to IRC to tell me that magic has broken their system - its not surprising as I'm working on it whilst youre all using it :o. However, if people submit detailed reports of whats wrong I do find this very helpful. Currently, there is an issue with starting Xfree after running magic (maybe I broke something for Home edition whilst fixing it for Pro edition - hehe).

Whilst I'm doing all this, I'm also working on a Kernel 2.4.24 patch - you may have noticed the resetting of the Gentoox server and loss of uptime, thats because its now running on the new kernel. I'll test it out for a week or so to see if it develops any bugs or symptoms from 2.4.23.


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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