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 New feature: It's taken me all night to test...

Gentoox...but here it is. Xfree with built-in VNC support. Yes, thats right, what you control in VNC is what you see on TV... and vice versa. This also means you dont have to run Xfree AND VNC (which takes double the resources). All you need to do to install this is: "magic fix displaytools && magic"

(Yes, it does make sense to put it in the xbvset package, trust me! I might rename the xbvset patch to "display tools" or something more generic since thats what it really is now).

Once thats done, run xbvset, let your system reboot then go to http://xbox_ip:5800 or in a VNC client of your choice, connect to xbox_ip:0 (Of course, Xfree must be running for this to work!). The password is "gentoox", all lowercase.

Its 5:08am here right now, so I havent had as much time to test it as I'd like and I'm pretty tired, so I may have missed something. Please, let me know how it works out for you by emailing me or posting in the forum (preferably in the forum). Thanks.

As you may have been able to guess, I've started work on Home 3.1, this was one of the main features I wanted to get into Home 3.0 but I didn't manage to... so I'm glad its out of the way now ;). I'll keep you posted on the progress of Home 3.1, I'm expecting it to take quite a while since I need to recompile everything!


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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