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 News: New forum rule.

GentooxAfter mass emailing about the status of the site 3 times I have received a complaint from a user, who shall remain anonymous, that these emails are unsolicited spam. Let me make it clear to everyone now, if you sign up to my forums, I may send you emails that ONLY relate to this site, no spam will be sent, your email wont be sold to any mailing lists, I wont send out adverts on behalf of other companies. The most you will get are emails about the server status (so you know whats happening with regards to downtime) and possibly information about the release of new versions. We're talking about 1 email a month maximum.

If you do not agree to this new condition, you must unregister from the forum immediately. If you do not unregister by midnight 13/11/03 (1 week from now), it will be understood that you agree to this new condition and accept it.

The sign up page has been updated and the forum rules post has been edited.

This will hopefully keep idiots who have nothing better to do than argue with me via email from complaining to me.


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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