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 News: Gentoox Home v3.0

GentooxGentoox Home v3.0 has entered the "testing and polishing" stage. All features are final, so I'll post a list of changes here (its quite a long list this time!):

+ XFCE4 preinstalled and configured for easy use.
+ Updated all pre-installed software (KDE 3.1.4 and much more updated).
+ Better reboot/ shutdown routine (uses pic interface to control power).
+ Monitors package preinstalled (loadmonitor NOT added to cron - see below).
+ Kernel 2.4.22.
+ Updated to Cromwell/ Xromwell 2.27.
+ Changed the default orange LED colour after Cromwell/ Xromwell boot to RGOG sequence.
+ Changed the default running LED colour to solid green.
+ Changed the default shutdown LED colour to solid red.
+ Using XboxFB instead of RivaFB.
+ Mozilla replaced with Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird.
+ KDE/ XFCE selection scripts.
+ xbox_eject included (though not always needed). uses i2c to eject the Xbox dvd drive.
+ Frozen-Bubble included.
+ SSH keys deleted to improve security.
+ telnet client and server included (though server is not setup to run).
+ Mplayer and XMMS added to launch as sudo by default.
+ VNC preinstalled, start it with "/etc/init.d/vnc start" stop it with "/etc/init.d/vnc stop" Add it to load during bootup by running "rc-update add vnc default" or select it during first boot. The default password is "gentoox". To change this, delete "/home/gentoox/.vnc/passwd", then run "vncserver", enter a new password, then type "killall Xvnc" and start VNC as described above - do this all as user "gentoox".
+ Added a simple first boot setup script to select services to be automatically run.
+ Added ProFTPd (FTP server).
+ Samba, Webmin and ProFTPd now optional (set upon first boot). This should solve any security issues!
+ Cleared the cached application icons at the top of the KDE start menu.
+ Made the Mplayer and XMMS icons run with sudo (gives you access to F drive without having to do anything special).
+ Major backend updates to xbvset (repositions the XFCE panel to the center of the screen and repositions the keyboard depending on whether you are using XFCE/ KDE).
+ Freevo preinstalled (but not configured!).
+ Fixed garbled console cursor.
+ New wallpapers (Thanks Halfbreed [XFCE] and Rickz0rz [KDE] and everyone else!).

If testing all goes well, I _might_ be able to get a release this weekend.


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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