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Font Exploit

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Font exploit and clock sync issues by dawhiz

Alright, when I first tried Gentoox on my xbox, it kept freezing at "Setting system clock to hardware clock" .. So, I found a way around it so it wont freeze, but wont sync the clock either (not a problem). Anyways, once you get Gentoox uploaded to the root of the E: drive, go grab the Xbox Linux Live Plugin System (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/xbox-linux/live-linux.0.3.iso.bz2?download) and burn it to a cdrw. Put the disc in your xbox, get Evox up, and use the Launch DVD option (if you removed it, add it back temporarily). After Linux is running, you will have to telnet to it. The default IP of it is so you will have to change your network settings to: ip -, broadcast - After you've telnet'd to the xbox (start, run, cmd - telnet, do this exactly:

umount /media/F
mount -o loop /media/E/rootfs /media/F
mount -o remount,rw /media/F
chroot /media/F /bin/bash
source /etc/profile

Now you're basically inside Gentoox. Now type nano /etc/init.d/clock and find 'ebegin "Setting System Clock.."' .. right after that you'll see a if and such.. delete everything from the if to the fi .. in its place add:

eend 0
return 0

After doing that, go down to the other ebegin and do the same. After you're done, save it. What this has done is made it so it doesn't run the program to set the time, but it says it returned back ok, thus you see on the screen that it worked successfully - [ok]. Now, type exit and then reboot -n. After your xbox reboots, run Gentoox and it should start up fine if you've done everything correctly. You can now also change your network settings back to what they were.

Enjoy, have fun, and please sticky this. If you need any help, just post your questions here and I will try to help you.

Also, if you need a idea of what they will look like, here they are:

if [ -x /sbin/hwclock ]
ebegin "Setting system clock to hardware clock ${TBLURB}"
eend 0
return 0
eend 1 "hwclock executable not found"

And the second one:

if [ -x /sbin/hwclock ]
ebegin "Syncing hardware clock to system clock ${TBLURB}"
eend 0
return 0
eend 1 "hwclock executable not found"

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