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Home v2.1

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Gentoox Home v2.1

Copyright (C) Thomas "ShALLaX" Pedley (gentoox@shallax.com)

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA


0.0 - Preamble
0.1 - Whats new?
1.0 - Installation tips
1.1 - Necessary Configuration (HIGHLY IMPORTANT)
1.2 - Extra tweakables
2.0 - Help, I'm still stuck!
2.1 - Q&A
3.0 - Plans for the future
4.0 - Thanks



This Linux distribution contains no copyrighted Microsoft code, no hacked executables, no illegally compiled executables and no other illegal material to the best of my knowledge. If anything is later discovered to be illegal, when given reasonable proof, this distribution will be taken out of circulation and destroyed and you must do the same.

This software comes with absolutely no warranty and I will not be held liable for anything bad that comes of using it. I will not be held responsible for any losses incurred from using this software.

This software has the potential of ruining all the data stored on your Xbox including your TSOP or modchip. You use this software and any subsequent software downloaded by this program at your own risk.


0.0 - Preamble

Gentoox is a highly optimised and highly refined Linux distribution for the Xbox which receives regular updates. It works on all Xbox version.

Your Gentoox system comes with two predefined users, their details are as follows:

User: root
Pass: xbox

User: gentoox
Pass: xbox

The 'root' user is known as a superuser and has control over everything and everyone's actions! For this reason is it very important that you change your passwords as soon as you log in!. To do this, open a konsole/console (konsole can be found on the KDE start menu under the "System" submenu) and type:

su -
[enter root password when asked]
passwd user_name

The "su -" command instructs linux to (s)witch(u)sers to root and use its system environment

Once again, I refuse to accept responsibility for anything bad that may come of using this software. While I try my absolute best to ensure that this software is stable and fit for use, I make absolutely no guarantees that it is. Use totally at your own risk. This software contains no hacked code or code built with the Microsoft Xbox SDK (XDK).
Throughout this readme you will see the term "xbox_ip", this is simply the IP address assigned to your xbox, e.g.

0.1 - Whats new?

The following is a list of features which are included with Gentoox Home v2.1:

+ Scrollwheel support (Mice)
+ Updated raincoat (Supports v1.2 Xbox TSOP)
+ mkfs.fatx (Formats fatx partitions)
+ Preconfigured sudo (Lets users launch applications as root)
+ Updated GLIBC and GCC
+ USE flags correctly set
+ EVERYTHING recompiled to take advantage of updated GLIB and GCC and the USE flags
+ Updated all software (as of 23/08/03)
+ Added ppp and pppoe support (ppp, pppconfig, rp-pppoe, rppppoek, pppoed) - You figure out how to work them!

+ Scite (Powerful text editor for programmers, located on the KDE menu)
+ Netscape-flash
+ Cromwell integration
+ Stardust integration
+ Added reboot and shutdown to KDE menu (Under the system menu)
+ More Xpads supported without needing to recompile the kernel!
+ dos2unix and unix2dos text file convertors
+ Webmin - extremely useful webconfiguration tool. Simply go to http://xbox_ip:10000 to use this utility. It really makes configuring your box SO much easier! Webmin even has a builtin SSH client which you can use from any web browser! Login with your root user details. (Autoloads at bootup)
+ Set nano/pico to use the -w flag by default
+ Samba shares enabled (see below for details)
+ Xboxlocal directory removed - totally obsolete, it always has been but I've always left it there to be safe :D
+ Dynamic IP/hosts reconfiguration on each bootup
+ Hostname and Domainname tools (see below)

And more...


The network setup is now better than ever. If you do not have DHCP, the following settings will be automatically assigned to you:


Of course, you can change these settings yourself by following the Network tutorial from the site.

Your /etc/hosts file is now dynamically updated each time you boot up your Xbox (handy for those who have a dynamic IP address! - this is done from /etc/conf.d/local.start). The Xbox's default hostname has changed from Home (used in previous home versions) to "Xbox". The domainname is now set to "localhost".

You can change your hostname by running "newhost" and you can change your domain name by running "newdomain". Both must be run as root!


Samba shares are now activated on your Xbox. You can access them from windows by going to the following SMB share names

SMB share | Target | Default Status
\xboxc | C: | Unmounted - Safety precaution
\xboxd | D: | Unmounted - No media in drive by default
\xboxe | E: | Mounted
\xboxf | F: | Mounted
\xbox oot | / | Mounted - Cant unmount

If the above share names do not work, try replacing "xbox" with your Xbox's IP, e.g.:

\ etc...

When asked for a username/ password, supply your root details (defaults to root/ xbox)

Please note that drives must first be mounted from linux to be accessible over samba! To mount C, type "mount /mnt/fatx/c", to mount D, type "mount /mnt/cdrom". Also, ANY samba user can edit, make or delete files from your drives. If you find this too insecure you have a few options:

1) Disable samba by running "rc-update del samba default" as root
2) Change the permissions by running "pico /etc/samba/smb.conf", scroll to the bottom and change all "Writable = Yes" to "Writable = No"
3) Change user passwords, this can be easily achived through webmin: http://xbox_ip:10000/samba/edit_epass.cgi Click the username whose password you wish to change, then enter a new one. Its advisable you change them ALL or delete them ALL but one user, and change the remaining user's password!

Don't complain about this being so insecure - only root can access F so this was the only way! :(


1.0 - Installation tips

None of this section applies for 'native' installs. Do not attempt to run these commands if you have selected 'native' or you may damage your filesystem!

If you later want to switch which partition Gentoox is installed to, you can do so by running the following commands:

1) Open a console
2) su -
3) [enter root password when asked]
4) magic f-drive << Puts Gentoox on F:
* OR
magic e-drive << Puts Gentoox on E:

Should you find yourself running out of space for Linux, you can either follow the online tutorial on resizing your rootfs, or you can run the following command to add more partitions (100-4000MB and as many as you can fit on F:)

magic newfs

Follow the on screen instructions for each of them. The e-drive and f-drive scripts have safeguards which dont allow you to run either one more than one time in sucession.

1.1 - Necessary Configuration (HIGHLY IMPORTANT) (required for any installation type)


The first thing you'll notice when booting Gentoox Home v2 is a long pause whilst your IP is displayed. This is to allow you to note down the details incase you are incapable of completing this next section and need to do it via SSH. After the 20 second pause, the 'xbvset' script will be run which allows you to set your initial screen resolution. This proceedure should be done ENTIRELY with the Xbox controller (Xpad) (Of course, you can type the answers with a keyboard should you need to!). Follow these instructions CAREFULLY:

You will be presented with the following two selections:


It is highly recommended that you test 640x480 FIRST! To select a resolution, move the cursor using your Xpad to the first character on the line. If you are selecting 640x480, then you move the cursor to the '6'. Then, hold down the Green 'A' button and tap the right direction on the D-pad until the WHOLE line becomes inversed (selected) - NOT JUST THE 640x480! (You'll see a white bar go across the screen). Then press the red 'B' button. This should paste your selection into the system.

Depending on which resolution you chose, you will be presented with a list that resembles the following:

-PALBDGHI -auto 640 480 15.00 15.00
-PAL60 -auto 640 480 15.00 15.00
-NTSC -auto 640 480 12.00 9.00

Select the one that is appropriate to your system (NTSC == America, PAL == UK/ Europe...). To select one, move the cursor to the beginning of the text, in each case this would be a '-' symbol. Hold down the 'A' button and tap the right direction on the D-pad until the WHOLE line becomes inversed (selected) from the '-' onwards, again youll know when you've done it right as the background of the line will turn white from the '-' onwards. Then press the red 'B' button. This should paste your selection into the system.

Finally, youll be presented with the following options (again, varies depending on which resolution you initially selected!):


Choose the one that suits your system (see above for PAL/ NTSC description). Select it in the same fashion as before, move the cursor to the beginning, hold 'A' and highlight the one you want to use. Then press the 'B' button. Your Xbox will then reboot and upon reloading Gentoox, your new resolution will be applied. Please note, the screen may look totally garbled for up to 20 seconds after loading Xfree! Wait it out before deciding whether to change your settings.

If you need to change your settings in the future or decide to upgrade Xfree, you MUST re-run xbvset:

*Open a konsole/console
su -
[enter root password when asked]

1.2 - Extra tweakables

Once you've got your resolution selected, you'll notice your LED flashes green while running and red while rebooting/ shutting down. You can change the colour sequence/ pattern by doing the following:

*Open a konsole/console
su -
[enter root password when asked]

Have fun with this, but follow the instructions ;) (This program will allow you to get rid of the "annoying" (as it has been called!) flashing green power light)


2.0 - Help, I'm still stuck!

If your TV will not display any picture, ssh in with the IP address you probably didnt bother to write down, then run "xbvset" as root. Please dont contact me saying this version gives you garbled graphics, I already know that the console looks messy!

If you are having issues using the magic system, remember you can always run "magic usage" (providing you have an internet connection).

Your most valuable resource regarding Gentoox is its homesite: http://gentoox.shallax.com If you need some dynamic assistance, feel free to drop in to the official channel on irc:

Server : irc.shallax.com
Channel: #gentoox

( Windows mIRC users can run the following url: irc://irc.shallax.com/gentoox )

2.1 - Q&A

Q) I pressed reboot or shutdown and nothing is happening
A) Something IS happening, but since the Xbox has no internal speaker you cant hear the shutdown beep. Just give it a few seconds to shutdown!

Q) Why is Gentoox so slow?
A) Gentoox isnt slow, KDE is. Try running "magic xfce" as root.

Q) I dont see any difference between this and Home v2!
A) I never intended there to be a massive difference, this is simply a maintenance release to keep things up to date so when I do eventually make a big release, things don't break and take ages to fix. The major updates in this release are the auto-configuring network and the reboot/shutdown icons in KDE. Not to mention the 5day 14hour total system recompilation.


3.0 - Plans for the future

This isnt a final release, the following still needs to be done:

* 3D nVidia acceleration

Keep an eye out for updates!


4.0 - Thanks

Thanks goes out to everyone who has supported me, offered suggestions and criticised (constructively!!!) my work. You are the people who motivate me in my task to product (what I feel) is the best Xbox Linux distribution around! Without you, I probably would not have bothered going beyond the initial "FINAL" release (as the name would suggest, I didn't plan on releasing any updates, hehehe!).

I'd also like to thank Xantium from Xbox-Scene for posting news relating to Gentoox.

Thanks to the Xbox-Linux team for Cromwell

HUGE thanks to the creator of BusyBox - that is an amazing piece of work! Also, thanks to the creators of Slackware and Slothbox.

Thanks to Soundgarden and The Beastie Boys for providing me with something to listen to :)

Thanks to Hellimod, Pedro, Dave, Blake, tytyty, Disp, Byte, Xolution, Genlee, Pb, def, wik, Ziekke, Coolberg, nitra, h3inrich, Rocketeer, xboxmastr, Bucko, paulproteus, Xenia bioterror, Turdhat, Jester, Artifex, CyKiller bikr, mikegrb, milkpost, Psylenced, TJ...

And THANKS to everyone else I've forgotten (Sorry! Your help and support was much appreciated!)

Thanks to you for taking the time to read this instruction manual!

Remember - feedback is the only way I'll know when there is a problem

- Thomas "ShALLaX" Pedley (gentoox@shallax.åÜÓ29


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Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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