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Gentoox Home Edition

+ raincoat
+ xvkbd Patch
+ gpm Patch
+ xbv Patch
+ Xfree
+ ip Patch
+ fstab Patch
+ Mplayer
+ OpenOffice.org
+ Gaim
+ Xchat
+ irssi
+ samba
+ Mozilla
+ Preinstalled magic system
+ 3gb rootfs
+ 640x480
+ Tried and tested stability!
- No ALSA support (5.1 optical)
- No 800x600

Login details:
User: root
Pass: xbox

User: gentoox
Pass: xbox

General information
The Home Edition is slightly bigger than the Pro (438MB) but as you can see it includes all the software you would expect from a well rounded distribution. Remember to run "magic" to keep it up to date!

To login as root, open "konsole" then type "su -" then enter the root password.

You can use your Xpad to control your mouse cursor and an onscreen keyboard (xvkbd) to type. However, it also support usb hardware. If you find your cursor drifting, unplug your Xpad, then plug it back in - this should recalibrate it.

If you upgrade Xfree to the latest version (using emerge sync && emerge -up xfree) you will need to run xbvset to reinstall the configs and drivers!

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