Why is Linux Legal but Other Stuff Isn't?
This is an age old question with a simple answer. Most (if not all) homebrew applications for the Xbox are built with the XDK. Microsoft does not give this tool away, therefore any homebrew applications (dashboards, utilities, media players, etc...) must have been built with an unlicensed (or stolen) copy of the XDK. As for BIOSes like EvoX, Xecuter etc... these are direct copies of official Microsoft BIOSes, but with certain hacks to allow the running of unsigned code. This makes them illegal as "hackers" are illegally reverse engineering the code, changing it, then rereleasing it to circumvent copy protection.

So why is Linux legal? Simple, the Cromwell BIOS is a cleanroom BIOS meaning it has been developed from scratch with no Microsoft code contained within. All Linux related applications are built with readily available opensource libraries and with GCC (The GNU C Compiler), which again is free opensource software.

Simple, no?

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