Installing Sparkle and Gentoox Loader
This tutorial will help you install Gentoox on a Focus Xbox. If your screen is scrambled/ flickery when you boot Stardust, this one is for you. You can also follow the end part of this tutorial to install Sparkle and Gentoox loader on any version of Xbox (Start from step 25 in this case).

1) Unplug Xbox's your network cable.
2) Boot Stardust.
3) Wait 5 minutes.
4) Plug in the Xbox's network cable.
5) Setup your PC's network to the following:


6) SSH to
7) Login with:
Username: root
Password: xbox

8) Follow the instructions.

----- Wait for installation to complete -----

9) Unplug your Xbox's network cable.
10) Boot Gentoox.
11) Wait 5 minutes.
12) Plug the Xbox's network cable in.
13) SSH to and login with the same details.

If you are using Home, continue from step 14), if you are using Pro, jump to step 25).

14) Run: firstboot
15) Follow the on screen instructions.
16) After your Xbox reboots, unplug your Xbox's network cable.
17) Boot Gentoox again.
18) Plug your Xbox's network cable back in.
19) SSH back into
20) This is the hard part, you'll have to set up your network to work with the internet and your home network configuration. Follow this tutorial for help.
21) Reboot your Xbox WITH your Xbox's network cable plugged in.
22) Reconfigure your PC back to its default network configuration.
23) Reload Gentoox.
24) SSH into the IP you specified in the configuration (whilst doing step 20).

25) As root, run: magic
26) Follow the on screen instructions. If you get any errors, you MUST restart magic. When asked if you want XFCE, say yes.
27) After magic has rebooted your system, log back in via SSH and run the following:

cd /tmp
emerge unrar
yes "A" | unrar x ./Gentoox.ShALLaX.Loader-v4.0.rar
cp ./loader.xbe /mnt/fatx/e/gentooxx.xbe

28) If you want to flash your modchip/TSOP with the updated Cromwell which support Focus/ HDTV, first select the correct bank on your modchip/ enable writing, then run the following:

raincoat -p ./loader.bin

29) Run the following:

yes "A" | unrar x ./Gentoox.ShALLaX.Sparkle-v1.2.rar
cp ./sprkrd.gz /mnt/fatx/e/
cp ./sparkle /mnt/fatx/e/
cp ./linuxboot.cfg /mnt/fatx/e/

30) Finally, reboot.. and you should be all done.

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