Using Magic

Its important to note that EVERYTHING to do with the patch system is CaSEsEnSitIvE! Lowercase should always be used! ALWAYS RUN MAGIC AS ROOT…. To get root access, type su – in a console

Magic is a custom patch system designed from scratch for Gentoox by myself. It installs patches and new programs specifically for the Xbox and Gentoox. Its basically like portage, but contains things only for Gentoox and the Xbox in general.

You can check to see which patches are available by running:

magic available

Green text indicates an upgrade is available. New patches will be automatically added to the list when they become available.

To install the patches, simply run:


This will install all available (but not currently installed) patches (You may be asked questions)

If a patch goes wrong, you can run the following to fix it:

magic fix patch-name

(Patch-name can be found from the available list) Once you have confirmation of it being fixed, run "magic" again to reinstall the patch!

The script may ask you a series of questions. Remember, answers are CaSEsEnSitIvE! Note that KDE cannot be installed without Xfree being selected or previously installed! If you aren't asked any questions this means that you already have the question asking patches installed!

If you get stuck and forget the commands, you can run

magic usage

This will give you syntax help

Hopefully this is simple enough!

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