If you have already installed the fatx fix then YOU MUST run this before using this command (providing Gentoox is still on the E partition - if not, then pico -w /etc/fstab and get rid of the ",noauto" after /mnt/fatx/f)

rm -rf /etc/conf.d/fatxed && magic

If you dont trust yourself with doing the above - reinstall home edition and start from scratch, the patches will be automatically installed and configured.

This magic command is accessed by running

magic newfs

Again follow the instructions carefully. This will allow you to 'plugin' more space to Gentoox. Its all done automatically, all you need to do is specify the size of the new partition you want and its name. It will be automatically mounted to '/mnt/$name' (where $name is what you specify). When rebooting, expect to see errors regarding unmounting - ignore them, theyre non-critical. THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE AN F PARTITION WITH AS MUCH FREE SPACE AS YOU REQUIRE! Having said this, Gentoox can be running off either E or F for this system to work.

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