This nifty utility provides an onscreen keyboard in Xfree (much like the live-linux cd). If you are having trouble typing with it (i.e. the text isnt appearing) make sure you press "focus" then click in the window in which you wish to type, then resume typing. Runs automatically. If you dont have KDE installed after running this, when you run startx Xfree will just quit out. To fix this, simply run the KDE script, or install your own window manager and add its run command to the end of ~/.xinitrc and /etc/skel/.xinitrc

DONT TRY TO INSTALL THIS TWICE. If it fails the first time you must do the following:

rm -rf /etc/conf.d/xvkbded && pico -w ~/.xinitrc && pico -w /etc/skel/.xinitrc

This will open two text files to edit. Simply delete the following line from both files!:

"/usr/bin/X11/xvkbd -geometry 640x130-0-0 &"

Then you can try running magic again.

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