Resize rootfs
This tutorial is for all of you that are complaining about the “oversized” 4GB rootfs. To resize it, you will need another linux computer. Bear in mind that the home edition’s rootfs has about 2GB of data preinstalled onto the rootfs so anything smaller than this wont be big enough to hold it all! Also note that 4GB is the filesize limitation imposed by FatX – DO NOT MAKE YOUR ROOTFS BIGGER THAN 4GB!

1) Place the rootfs inside /tmp on your linux computer
2) mv /tmp/rootfs /tmp/oldfs
3) mkdir /mnt/oldfs
4) mkdir /mnt/newfs
5) dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/rootfs count=XXXX bs=1024k (Note that XXXX is the size of the new rootfs in megabytes! So 2GB is 2000)
6) yes | mkreiserfs --format 3.6 -f /tmp/rootfs
7) mount -o loop -t reiserfs /tmp/rootfs /mnt/newfs
8) mount -o loop -t reiserfs /tmp/oldfs /mnt/oldfs
9) cp -avx /mnt/oldfs/* /mnt/newfs/ (Note: Takes a long time!)
10) cd /
11) umount /mnt/oldfs
12) umount /mnt/newfs
13) rm -rf /tmp/oldfs

14) Copy /tmp/rootfs (The new one you just made) back up to your Xbox and it should work when you boot!
Good luck! If you find yourself needing more space later you can always use the “magic newfs” script (providing you have an accessible F drive with enough free space!).

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