Peeper is a tool for magnifying your Xfree session. You must have at least Xfree+KDE installed to be able to install this magic patch.

Once installed, Peeper is run by typing "peeper &" in konsole, you can add a menu icon for it by running "kmenuedit" from the KDE menu (peeper's path is /bin/peeper)

Once its running, move your mouse over peeper's window and left-click drag to the area you want to magnify. In its initial state, peeper doesnt auto-update. To change this, select the options menu, then check "Auto Update". If the 1 second update delay is too small, select the options menu then "Update Rate" then change this to 30 (which is the minimum).

Peeper's window can be resized. If you want to move the area of magnification, simply left-click drag from the peeper window again.

"Options" > "Zoom factor" allows you to change the zoom scale, by default this is set to 2.0x zoom.

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