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 Tutorial: Focus (v1.4/1.5 Xbox support)

GentooxBecause I'm not likely to get a new Gentoox out until sometime in June/ July, I thought I'd better make a tutorial letting people know how to get the existing version working on a Focus Xbox.

If your screen is garbled, this tutorial is for you!

I hope it's easy enough to understand, dont ask me for help with setting up your network because all that I can say is written in the tutorial which step 20 links to.

Posted by ShALLaX on Monday, May 03 2004 @ 21:58:33 UTC (2655 reads)
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 Tutorial: Disabling GDM

GentooxIts apparent that some people dont want GDM (they dont want the hassle of having to login each time)... so this one's for them! I've written a tutorial which details how to (essentially) bypass GDM. While GDM is still loaded, it basically automatically logs in "gentoox" after 1 second. GDM can never be fully disabled as it is used to call the xbvinit script now. You can find the tutorial here!

Posted by ShALLaX on Wednesday, December 31 2003 @ 20:17:40 UTC (2455 reads)
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 Tutorial: FTP Installation

GentooxSo, so, so many forum posts, emails and IRC discussions about this one. I can't understand why, I figured the INSTALL.txt was pretty explicit... obviously not, so this one's for all you people who are (often pointlessly) using the FTP installation method.

Posted by ShALLaX on Sunday, November 09 2003 @ 02:29:55 UTC (5805 reads)
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 Tutorial: New clearer screen tutorial by ┬íMysto!

GentooxFor those complaining that the screen in Linux is too blurry to read, check out this new tutorial!

Posted by ShALLaX on Wednesday, September 10 2003 @ 16:52:51 UTC (2174 reads)
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 Tutorial: Fixed the VNC tutorial - it works now!!!

GentooxSorry about this.. i missed out the current step 19. Works now!

Posted by ShALLaX on Saturday, August 30 2003 @ 00:38:48 UTC (10959 reads)
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 Tutorial: "Reflashing your BIOS from Stardust or Gentoox"

GentooxThis tutorial is for people who are stuck with the Cromwell BIOS and want to go back to their previous BIOS, but cant load anything other than Linux.

Check the tutorials page.

Posted by ShALLaX on Thursday, August 21 2003 @ 15:44:37 UTC (2723 reads)
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