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 New release: Gentoox Pro v4.1

GentooxFully sync'ed with magic and fully updated as of today... here is Gentoox Pro v4.1. The main reason for this release was to integrate the latest Gentoo baselayout, which gets rid of the messy reboot (lots of warnings/ errors). There should only be one "[ !! ]" on shutting down now, and thats to do with deactivating swap - its not harmful in the least so just ignore it. The way Gentoox enables swap is rather unorthodox, but it makes managing native, E and F installations easier - unfortunately it causes the shutdown scripts to be unable to disable the swap.

Anyway, grab the download from here. Enjoy!

(Home v6.1 is scheduled for release later this week - I'm still working on it!)


Gentoox is distributed under the terms of the General Public License

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