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 News: v1.6 Modding attempt

GentooxHi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been busy with other projects! However, today I decided to attempt modding the v1.6 Xbox which xbox100.com generously donated. Things have not gone well so far, I can still boot the default MS BIOS from the Xyclopse chip, but when I try to boot from the Xenium which I installed, it simply FRAGs. Before you all rush to email me saying "Check your LPC points", I'm well aware this is the usual cause for this problem, however, I checked them all with a multimeter for shorts and for continuity to various vias across the motherboard and it all checked out. I then decided to try a "Quick solder" installation only to find the same problem was apparent. I've given up for now, but I'll try again some other time.

The odd thing I did find is that a fresh chip will FRAG only when the lframe point is grounded, however, if you initialise the chip in a working Xbox, then move it back into the v1.6, it will FRAG even without the lframe point grounded. Something doesn't seem right there!


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